The Story of Butcher & Baker

Butcher & Baker handcrafted goods are unique and timeless in their design and construction. We hand-cut and sew each and every apron and knife roll, individually size and stain your leather belt, and print every shirt for you at the time you order it, breathing life into each piece, and contributing to the story of your life around food. We are proud of what we create, and hope that the extra time and effort is appreciated by you for years to come. Get your kitchen gear now by clicking the links below.

Go Inside for a Close-up Look at How Our Denim is Made

We're proud to be working with Denim North America, an American company creating great materials for our handmade aprons.

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Lunch = Roasted Marrow Bones + Lemon + Pickled Onions + Toast

"Marrow boneare often overlooked. Here, I give you a recipe that is simple and easy to achieve, and will impress any gourmand. Note that some cooks prefer to go straight to the oven with the bones without blanching, while others soak the bones, or boil them, or even cook them in broth. It is a matter of preference." - Corey

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